Chapter 56 – Breathe Ryan

Breathe Ryan



Later that evening, Veronica and I made plans to go on what most would consider our first date. That term is so cliché and makes me think of taking some chick you hardly know to dinner and then a movie. It’s lame. Instead, I prefer to call it hanging out.

After coming off of my hangover I started to have, what I believed to be, a major panic attack. I didn’t understand what the fuck was going on with me, but I felt like I wanted to literally kill myself. My brain was overloaded. I kept thinking about myself dying, my heart exploding in my chest. There was an odd tightening in my neck and weird sensations were shooting into my head. It all came on suddenly.

I’ve never once had a panic attack in my life. In what was considered nothing more than a sudden burst of fear and anxiety overload, I honestly believed something else was wrong with me entirely. A normal person doesn’t spontaneous feel like they are going to pass out and die for no apparent reason, unless they were really dying. I couldn’t stop thinking that my heart was going to stop beating and I would just die. Fall to the fucking floor and die!

I gasped for air. I felt like I was going to stop breathing in oxygen and suffocate. Or perhaps I would have a stroke from all of the crazy twists and aches now shooting through my brain. I breathed in and out as panting harder and harder. I began taking long, deep breaths while gripping tightly onto my bed sheets. I was afraid to move.

Breathe Ryan… Breathe!

Oh GOD! What the fuck is happening to me?! What am I going through? I started to cry. Please stop! I don’t want to die! The strange thing about anxiety was that no matter how sane or even how healthy you were the irrational fear of panic became so overwhelming you couldn’t think logically. I must be having a stroke! A heart attack?! A brain tumor?! 

Why am I so fucking scared?! There is nothing to be afraid of! I breathe in. People, places, women… What if I was alone forever? I start to pant. Everyone hates me! They always will! I really am a fucking loser! I pant harder. I could feel my heartbeat increasing, my heart almost bursting out of my chest. I laid my hand over it, feeling it pulse well beyond a healthy speed. I prayed and wished that my heart wouldn’t suddenly fail on me. I felt like it would.

I cried. I became depressed. I cried more. My world was suddenly covered by a dark, black cloud. I was no longer in control of my own mind or emotions. There was no automatic turn-off switch. I was now shoved into a fucking hole suffering through the feelings of dread and fear that I would be lost and hopeless for the rest of my existence. This was pure hell. I couldn’t stop crying. Am I fucking possessed?! What is wrong with me?!

My mind became fixated on the fact that my world was ending. I was dying. I began to tremble and shake on my bed, unable to gasp for air. I breathed heavier. I grabbed a glass of water, drinking and almost choking on it. It didn’t help. I couldn’t sit still. I was gripping onto my bed trying to draw my mind on something else.

Veronica…  Fuck! I will lead that girl on an adventure. I will eat that pussy like it’s never been tasted before!

Breathe…. Innnhaallllleeeeee… Exhhhaalllllleeeeeeeee…

I loved the idea of giving her the pleasure she always desired. Veronica…. Her breasts…. That clean-shaven pussy. Yum!

I began to feel a sense of relief. Breathe harder, longer, deep breathe…. Slow exhale. I focused on my breathing more intimately. My legs no longer twitching as much, my arms calming, the tightness in my chest slowly fading away and the odd overwhelming sensations in my head began to disappear.

Fuck, I was scared! What in the hell just happened to me?! What if it happened again? What if the next time it kills me?

Veronica… baby. Tonight I am going to eat you, all of you, every bit of you, baby, I will take you on an adventure your mind, body and soul have never experienced. This will be the ultimate gift to you. I gagged and wanted to puke, I couldn’t. I choked. My teeth clung against one another. It’s alright Ryan… I breathe deeply… It’s alright…

Everything will be ok. I will be ok. I know I will.



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Chapter 55 – Just Playing the Game

Just Playing the Game



The next day I woke to Morgan’s tight ass pressing into my crotch, as I held her tightly in my arms. What surprised me was that I could never hold Jessica while I slept, I hated it. With Morgan, I actually could.

I gently nudged Morgan, waking her.

Morgan…. Baby… let’s go home.

She rubs her eyes as she begins to open them. Ok.

The car ride back to her house was awkward. I didn’t know what to say to her. I felt like she literally hated me now, even after she let me spoon her that night. She didn’t say much either until we got close to her house.

Uh… Ry?


Will you come over and spend time with me later?

Not today, I’m so tired and feel so fucked up from this hangover, I think I need some sleep.


She got out of the car not saying much and from that point on, we didn’t talk much to one another. Morgan refrained from texting or calling me like she normally did.

What was it I did wrong Krave?

Absolutely nothing.

They thought I was a player!

If you are honest about your intentions you are not a player. People assume that because you have options and you prefer to see other people that you are a cheater. That’s not the case unless you tell someone you are only with them. You became greedy about the attention, it happens in the beginning. You may hurt people, but you have to accept that.

What do I tell these girls that label me a player? How do I keep them from disappearing like Morgan did?

Honesty is all you can give, man. You don’t want to be rude or disrespectful to them, but you want them to know what they are getting into, then the ball is in their court, it is their choice to proceed. At least you are not giving them the wrong idea.

You have a gift now, Ryan. You can use it to hurt people or you can use it for the good of two people. You just have to be wise with it. Women do not understand the type of man you are becoming. This guy only exists in fantasy novels that women write depicting what they believe is their ideal man. In our version, we are sharing the love with the number of females we desire to. Nothing is wrong with having a lot of options and to be honest, most women enjoy a man with a lot of options, whether they are jealous or not, they desire to attain him.

How do I keep them though, Krave? How do I keep a woman who doesn’t trust me?

You can’t force them to stay, Ryan and when you don’t force them to stay, they’ll want to stay. A player tries to convince them that they are not a player. Then he pushes to make her stay. There is more trust involved when you’re not afraid to admit who you are and what you are doing. Think of your new mission in life to give women the fantasies they’ve always desired. You are now the one guy who is meant to lead them on the adventure of a lifetime, whether or not you see this yet doesn’t matter, you eventually will. Women will love you for it.


Chapter 54 – For Fuck’s Sake

For Fuck’s Sake



Janet came downstairs pretending she didn’t see what was occurring on her couch with her best friend and I, though that didn’t stop her from running back upstairs to tell her friends about the major orgy that was about to occur.

Anna went back upstairs a few moments later to grab a bag of weed for the 4 of us. For some reason she was taking her sweet ass time. While she was away, Alex had found a black marker, removed the cap and attempted to write on my arm.

What do you think you’re doing little girl?

Drawing on you. She giggles.

Yeah, I don’t think so. I grab the marker slashing it against her arm. I’m going to draw on you!

You brat!

I grab her hand, stretching out her arm. Here… I wrote my number down the entire length of her arm. Now you have my number.

What about me Ryan? I noticed Deb watching us with a sad puppy dog look on her face. Oh hell, give me your phone. I took her phone adding my number to her contacts. Now you both have it.

Morgan had come downstairs, seeing the three of us by the couch laughing and writing all over each other with that marker. Come here Morgan! It’s your turn!


Somebody has obviously had a lot to drink.

Ryan, I am about to fucking punch you in the face. Leave me alone! She marched frantically back up the stairs.

What the fuck was her problem?

Anna never did return. Alex and I went out to the back patio to have a smoke and upon returning learned that Anna went to the spare bedroom and passed out. That was definitely not acceptable to me.

I pounded on that door. Anna! Anna! Where are you Anna?! Wake up!

Hey Ry! I need to sleep, I have work early in the morning. I peak over Anna’s shoulder, seeing Deb in the twin bed behind her. I try to push my way inside the room.

No Ryan you can’t come in.

Ah fuck Anna, let him in, he can come sleep with me! Deb shouts. She’s got to be out of her fucking mind.

I frowned and returned back downstairs, quite disappointed. Alex was lying with her legs wrapped over the arm of a large recliner. Others found their own spots on the floor. It seemed everyone was starting to pass out. I found my own little spot on the floor in front of the recliner, no blanket or pillow. For fuck’s sake.

I overheard both Morgan and Janet talking in the kitchen as I was attempting to pass out.

Good night, Morgan! Janet said, as the microwave turned on.

I crept up the stairs to the kitchen where Morgan was heating up a bowl of Roman Noodles.

What are you doing?

I’m getting some food. I’m starving. Now go away, Ryan, I don’t want to see you.

Why, what’s wrong?

You’re a dick that’s what’s wrong.

I was just teasing you with the marker, we were just playing around.

Yeah, you were definitely playing around with them…

What is that supposed to mean?

Ryan, you were being a total player and you pissed us off.

Pissed you all off?

Me, Janet and Anna. Janet likes you a lot Ryan, and you were off with her best friend Anna, feeling her up. She saw you guys on the couch. Now Janet won’t even talk to Anna. Then you were fucking hitting on their other friend, giving your number to that girl, what’s her face? You were playing them Ryan! I suppose I was being a bit greedy.

I wasn’t playing anyone, Morgan, I am single, and I’m not dating anyone. How does that make me a player?

I guess you didn’t play them, but you are leading them on and you hurt them, Ryan. You fucking hurt me too! You’re trying to get in everyone’s pants and you don’t realize that it’s hurting the other girls who legitimately like you!


Yes, Ryan I told you I had feelings for you and then you go off and run around with these other girls’ right in my fucking face!? At least do it when I’m not around. Even worse was the fact that this isn’t you. You walk around like you own the world and you’re nothing but a total douchebag now. What? You want to fuck a bunch of random girls? You want all kinds of pussy from some random sluts? Wow! I really had no idea that Morgan’s heart was so set on me.

I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt anyone, especially not you, Morgan, you know this. I’m just having fun, being single, you know? Like you told me to do…

I sat down at the table in front of her, she sat next to me. Ryan, I just don’t like it. I’ve always liked you since high school and I feel like you don’t even care. It hurts.

Morgan that is definitely not true. I’ve always cared about you and I always will. I never once expected myself to be trapped in a shit-hole of drama with Morgan.

She laid her head on my shoulder, wrapping her arms around me. Just please don’t hurt me like that Ryan. I don’t want to be played, especially not by you.

But Morgan… you have a boyfriend!

I’m not happy with him, Ryan, you know this and you also know that our relationship is terrible. I need the right time, but you don’t see me jumping around on all sorts of other guys in your face. I wouldn’t do that to you.

We sat quietly in the kitchen. I turn to her forehead kissing it gently.

I think we all just had too much to drink tonight. I grab her hand. It’s probably just better if we all get some sleep.

Yeah, I’m exhausted Ry.

That night I held Morgan in my arms for the first time. I really did care about the girl. I hadn’t realized until that moment just how amazing she was. I wrap my arms around her, our bodies tightly pressed against one another as we dozed off to sleep.



Chapter 53 – The Party

The Party



Arriving at Janet’s, her driveway was jammed packed with cars. God damn it! What am I getting myself into!?

Janet came outside just as we were pulling in. As we got out of the car, I grabbed the 12-pack of beer we had brought with us. Janet came running, giving Morgan and me a hug.

I’m so glad you two could make it! Everyone is downstairs in the basement.

Alright. I even brought some more drinks, you never can have enough, you know? I said while chuckling.

Meanwhile, I grabbed a beer out of the case quickly chugging it down before reaching the basement door. I even hated beer! I almost choked on the fucking thing. We walk into the basement and notice a large group of people crowded around a coffee table with a hookah and red plastic cups scattered across the table.

Morgan and I walk in quietly.

HEY! A girl shouts out. Who the heck are you dude?!

That’s Ryan! Anna says while running over to give me a hug. Hey Ryan! She smiles and wraps her arms tightly around me. Not so much the type of greeting I was expecting.

There were a few really cute girls and a bunch of guys, half of whom were apparently gay. I grabbed another can of beer opening it and venturing out to the back patio to have a quick smoke. Morgan stayed inside chatting around with everyone, I could hear them all laughing and screaming through the basement window.

Anna followed behind me.

I’m sorry about what happened the other night, Ryan, I didn’t want us all getting in trouble.

It’s ok, I’m glad to see that you weren’t locked up.

She giggles while staring into my eyes. I’m glad you came.

I’m happy to be here, your friends seem like a fun bunch.

Oh yeah, they are a little crazy at times.

Another woman follows us outside. She was a larger, brunette girl with those nerdy, thick black-framed glasses and sporting a very bright yellow shirt that was tight against her large belly.

Ryan this is my friend, Deb, we’ve known each other since middle school.

So Ryan… I love that bracelet you’re wearing. Debs says while pointing to the leather strapped bracelet I had on my arm. Do you have a lighter?

Yeah, it’s really nice. Anna adds.

Thank you.

I hand her my lighter as she lights up a cigarette, inhaling and blowing the smoke slowly through her large lips and smiling at me.

So pretty boy where are you from?

Around here.

Anna walks back in the house, leaving me awkwardly alone on the back patio with her obviously horny friend. Thanks Anna.

Uh, I think it’s time for another drink!

Good idea! She responds.

I quickly toss my cigarette off the deck and make my way back into the house as quick as I could.

After a few drinks I was feeling damn good. More people began showing up and the entire house was filled with a bunch of strangers, most of whom seemed like stoners. Go figure. I was in my own little drunken world again. I was standing in the kitchen and Janet was running around looking through her cabinets trying to find some more of those damn red plastic cups. I was standing in the kitchen next to a 6-pack of beer chugging them down one-by-one.


Yeah, Ryan?

I grab her in front of me and pull her in giving her a kiss on her luscious lips.

Don’t tire yourself out. Enjoy your party!

Oh, I am Ry! Just need to find some more damn cups, I’m running out! I know I have some more somewhere around here…

Good lord! Did I just kiss her?

I gaze to the back patio as I could overhear Morgan laughing and drinking with some of the guests. She and I made brief eye contact while smiling at one another before I made my way back downstairs searching desperately for Anna.

There you are!

Hey Ry! Want to smoke some hookah with me? She hands me the hose.

You know that I do.

I sit down next to her and she begins touching my bracelet. I really do like this. Where did you get it?

From Target. I laugh. You know what? I remove the bracelet off my wrist wrapping it around hers. It looks good on you. Hold it for me, ok?

Ok! She smiles while twirling it around her wrist and sliding closer to me on the couch.

Another girl had come down, interrupting us. This woman I hadn’t seen yet, but she was very fucking cute. A short figure with dark red hair, an apple bottom, large breasts, and freckles planted across her face. Alex was apparently her name.

Can I join you guys? It’s crowded up there!

Sure, Alex, come sit. Anna says.

Alex looks over at me smiling as she drinks out her plastic red cup, sitting in the chair across from us. As the night progressed, Alex and I exchanged a lot of long gazes at one another. In my drunken state I didn’t realize how much we were admiring one another. Especially how much she was smiling at me, though we didn’t say a word to each other, until Deb had come down.

There you guys are! I was looking for you all! She comes and sits next to me on the couch. Deb on the left side and Anna on the right.

Hey again handsome.


So… Ryan you never did tell me what you do.

I work at McDonald’s.

Anna bursts out laughing. You do not!

Jesus Christ, yes I do!

I don’t buy that one bit, Ry.

You work at McDonald’s?! That must suck! Alex adds.

Shut up Anna. I whisper into her ear and plant my hand on top of her thigh. She giggles and plants her hand on my thigh the two of us started massaging each other. Deb noticed what was going on and decided she would get herself involved and planted her hand on my other thigh. Good lord.

Alex watched as the two girls were practically about to give me the best hand job of my life, her eyes full of lust as she desperately wanted to participate as well. How in the fuck did I manage this? Never in my wildest dreams!

My cock was growing harder in my pants and Deb could see it, she was practically drooling as she worked her large hand closer to the bulge in my jeans. Anna beat her to it, lightly stroking the head of my cock. Alex’s mouth dropped watching the entire thing.

Tonight I’m going to pound the hell out of Anna’s pussy. She’ll be begging for my cock to return. I’ll make her cum and cum again. I’ll squeeze her body with my hands, I’ll grip her tightly and ram her as hard as I could from behind, then whip my cock out and shoot my cum all over her ass. It will be hot. And Alex would be there too. She’ll be lying to the side, on her back, her legs spread and rubbing her clit watching me fuck her friend. Her eyes gazing into mine, a total look of lust as she squeezes her breast with her little hand.


Chapter 52 – Her Heart is Precious Thing


Her Heart is Precious Thing



The next morning I figured I would surprise Veronica with a nice text:

Baby you have no idea how hard I am right now thinking about the other night with you. I want you, bad.

A minute or so later she responded:

God you’re making me so wet right now. I loved every second of it. I hope you will see me again this weekend.

I respond:

Sure, baby, let’s get together tomorrow night, 7pm ok?

She agreed.

There was one major thing I absolutely did not understand. Women had hearts. Even though I had pushed myself to believe that they were all a bunch of sluts who just wanted me for cock, I forgot to realize just how fragile they really were. A woman’s best gift besides just her body was her heart. And they didn’t give their heart too often. It was guys like me who would come around and abuse it. Though, they couldn’t always help it. After all, Jessica gave me hers and I broke it into a million pieces. In my own attempt of understanding the female mind, I was under the impression they never fell quickly for someone. Hell, it even took Jessica a long time to fall for me. Though, if you are a guy that women love being around they will fall quickly and once they do, you can either cherish them or destroy them forever.

I was nervous. Another party with lots of girls and more opportunity for me to make a total fool of myself. Then again, I could always resort to some alcohol to forget my embarrassment. Though, pushing myself to be a guy like Krave wasn’t easy for me. After all, I did lack Krave’s confidence. I lacked the ability to connect with most guys, actually many of them seemed to either hate me or were intimidated by me, as of lately. As for women, well it wasn’t easy for me to talk to them without a couple drinks prior.

What if these people saw behind my bullshit? Saw me for who I really was? That shy and insecure guy who tries to pretend to be much cooler than he really is, a poser. Perhaps, I am nothing more than a delusional little fucker that is out of his mind by pretending to be some sort of a ladies’ man without actually having a lot of women.

Then again, Krave wouldn’t go to a party worried about what people thought. Krave would go to the party and talk to people. He would be cool. Everyone would probably love him. I mean, he could talk to anyone without the fear or constant thought of thinking about what to say next. I cannot live up to those expectations. I seriously think someone is wrong with me. Maybe, I really am different. Maybe, I never got the correct social development I needed as a kid to function as a normal adult.

Like Krave tells me, I do have problems accepting myself for who I am. Perhaps, it wasn’t so acceptable, in my opinion, for a real ladies’ man to be so shy and introverted. Most guys that get a lot of women are very social and are definitely not intimidated by a woman’s appearance. That is not me. Sure, some women may, like me, though then again, they are the ones who have known me for a long time. There is nothing more phone than a man pretending to be overly-confident but too afraid to converse with strangers. I’m fucking weird!

That is your resistance, Ryan. You are trying to forcefully change the self-image you have created, by yourself during your life. Your subconscious is trying to correct you. It is basically implying that you are not this type of guy and will continue to persuade you otherwise. The more pressure you put on yourself to change, the more your subconscious is going to rebel. Your mind is losing its comfort zone and when that happens, it believes a part of it is dying. Consider it a survival mechanism.

My hands began twitching from the anxiety. Part of me wanted to bail on this party. I could just stay home and relax to avoid all of this fear and anxiety. I would probably have a better night anyway. Then again, if I do so, my fear will increase even more. I was choking up. Part of me did feel a bit accomplished as I was going to parties, meeting women, and making some new friends. I was no longer spending my nights in front of the television wishing I could do normal college things.  I was beginning to finally live my life, one small step at a time. Who would have thought it’d be so hard?

I picked Morgan up at her house around 9. She smiled and gave me a kiss on my lips as she jumped into the front passenger seat, then she grabbed my hand and set it on her lap the entire ride over to Janet’s. The whole Morgan thing was confusing me. I didn’t know where things were headed nor what could happen to us, she did still have a boyfriend after all.



Chapter 51 – Can I Kiss You?

Can I Kiss You?



The ride back to my house was even more unfamiliar

She leans in against me throwing my arm around her. Ry, do you mind?

Not at all.

She proceeds to place my hand inside of her’s and grips it tightly.

Ry, do you think we could go back to your house and watch a movie?


We make our way back to my house, Morgan was anxious to spend more time with me. I didn’t understand it. I was used to Jessica wanting and needing my attention 24/7, but that was after 4 years of dating the damn girl. Morgan was already turning into the type of needy woman that wanted to spend every waking moment with me and she already had a damn boyfriend!

That evening time seemed slow. Morgan was sitting on the couch next to me, my hand resting upon her thigh. She was firm. I was rubbing my hands against her thigh while periodically giving it a nice squeeze, and then I’d dig my nails into her thigh and run my fingers up and down. Sometimes I’d even grab her hand and start massaging her little fingers and running my fingers softy down the inside of her palm. She loved it.


Yes Morgan?

You know I… really do like you?

I like you too, Morgan.

No, I mean, I really do like you, I always have, since I met you and you had that long curly hair, you were so shy, I’ve always had a thing for you.

I have too, Morgan.

She smiles and looks up at me, grinning from ear to ear.

Having her in my arms pressed tightly against me was turning me on. My cock was growing harder in my pants. I would look down at her body and notice her shirt had crept up revealing her soft yet rock hard tummy. I’d run my hands up her thighs and then gently brush my fingers up and down her inner thigh moving closer to her pussy.

Can I kiss you, Ry?

I pull her face closer to mine, pressing my lips against hers; I slip my tongue into her mouth enjoying her taste.

Ah! Fucking Morgan! Who would have thought I’d one day be kissing the girl I desired, so badly in high school? The one girl I always struck out with was now in my arms and kissing me.

Ry, you don’t know how badly I’ve wanted to do this.

I smiled at her. Me too.

My cock started to vibrate in my pants the more I continued to think about ripping her tight jeans off of her and pulling her on top of me. I just wanted to feel and touch every inch of her bare body. Hell, I wanted that ass right on my fucking face. There was always something about Morgan.

Ryan, she is off limits, she has a boyfriend. She just wants your attention she’s not going to fuck you for crying out loud! My critic says.

He was right. I couldn’t quite pull the trigger with her. Shortly after, Morgan had to head home and I couldn’t take advantage of her while she had a boyfriend. I’d feel too guilty.

About an hour later Morgan had sent me a text. It reads:

Ry, I love spending time with you. Today was so much fun and I’m so glad I get to see you so often. I can’t wait to spend time with you tomorrow night at the party!


Chapter 50 – The Giggly School Girl

The Giggly School Girl



That Monday, Morgan called me around her usual noon call time.

Hey Ry! I’m skipping class again today. She laughs. Can I come over?

Sure, I need to go run and do some things so get over here and we’re going to lunch.

She giggles. Ok!

Morgan arrives at my house 30 or so minutes later. I answered the door to her smiling and giggling at me.

Are you ok?

Yeah Ry! I’m fine! She giggles.

Someone was obviously having a damn good day.

So what are we going to do today, Ry?

I need to run to the art store, after that we can head to the town square and get a coffee or something. First, though, we’re going to go get lunch.

Yes Sir! She responses and giggles again.

I took Morgan to my favorite Mexican restaurant across the street. This place was the best. Homemade salsa and chips, the best burrito you could get for $3 and the most spectacular fried ice-cream. It was a treat.

Ry, I’m so happy I get to spend so much time with you! I love hanging out and doing things, it’s always a fun time!

I’m glad you enjoy it.

I was anticipating her to speak endlessly about her frustrating boyfriend, but she mentioned absolutely nothing.

Morgan. Here, try my burrito, it’s the best you’ll ever taste. I slide the plate of food over to her giving her my fork to have a bite.

I’m not used to this sharing food thing, but I think I like it! She giggles again while grabbing the fork and taking a large bite. Mmmmm…

After lunch I took Morgan down the street to the art store to pick-up a few supplies and then we walked from there down to the town square. It was a nice place filled with a bunch of antique shops and little family restaurants. In the center of the square was a small park with a gazebo and water fountain.


Yeah Ry? She turned around to look at me.

You’re walking way too fast now, come back here and enjoy the walk with me.

Ok, sorry! She giggles.

Morgan and I entered a very old antique shop on the corner of the square. The shop was basically a very large room packed full of old furniture, records, cabinets, cameras, and practically anything else you could buy at the store before the 21st century. Morgan was all smiles.

Oh my God Ryan! Look! She points out an old camera from the 1950’s. Isn’t it so cool?!

Yes, that is pretty cool.

She looks at the price-tag. Holy shit! This thing is $900! Damn! I wish I could afford that!

Oh, Ry! I forgot to ask. Do you know Janet from high school?

Yes, I do. I avoided saying anything about last week’s events.

I didn’t know you two knew each other! We talked the other day and she told me she hung out with you in the hookah lounge. She invited me to her party this weekend and wanted me to invite you to come with me. Will you?

Sure, Morgan

She smiles. You know, Ry Ry, places like this are so peaceful. All the retro things that make you remember how simple life used to be. Now they are almost historical artifacts. It’s weird isn’t it?


I grab Morgan’s arm. I think it’s about time to get out of here, it’s really stuffy in here, let’s get a coffee.

Oh! I know a really good place around the corner, you’ll love it Ry!

She leads me around the corner to a small coffee house hidden in an alleyway. This alley almost seems like the perfect place to bring a woman late at night. It was the hub for local art freaks and hipsters. You know, those college kids faking their grown-up lives by sipping coffee and reading in the small coffee house. We were all at that stage in life at one point.

Um… I’d like a… Gosh, I don’t even know what I want.

You want an iced coffee? I ask her.

Sure Ry Ry, I’ll have one of those.

Two iced coffees with caramel syrup, cream and sugar please.

Sure Hun, it’ll be $8.50. You know… you two are way too cute together. The cashier flashes us a smile and begins preparing our drinks.

Morgan giggles. Thank you!

For whatever reason, Morgan’s timid side and indecisiveness were turning me on. I loved her submissive nature which I hadn’t been familiar with. The giggly school girl, Morgan, I never thought I’d see the day!


Chapter 49 – Hung Over

Hung Over



I felt miserable. Drinking and fucking was great, but the effects afterwards really kicked a man in the balls. Not to mention due to my over-drinking, all of Veronica’s friends were now disgusted by me.

Why must you care what others think of you? Your drinking really puts you in the moment. For once you were full of life and did exactly what you wanted to do without thinking about the consequences. None of that bothered you until your mind came back to this little thing known as reality. How did it feel to do whatever you wanted without thinking of how others were labeling you?

My mind got the best of me, Krave. I was arrogant and a major dick. They didn’t want me, they hated me for the fool that I am.

Just because women may want to fuck you doesn’t make you God’s gift to women. Don’t be so arrogant about it. This is a phase, a phase that I had to endure as well. You’re still human, you are not perfect and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them were attracted to you, but your humiliation and abuse put them off, briefly. Perhaps, one of them is even waiting around the corner for you.

I just don’t get it Krave, doesn’t everyone like you?

Not everyone. I have a lot of haters. A lot of people cannot stand those who stand out. They go through life enduring stress, depression and fear, a man who has it easy and has very little care in the world makes them jealous. Some women even hate guys, they do not immediately have control over. A lot of women are used to getting their way with men, especially the better looking they are. Naturally though, they desire a man they cannot manipulate more than anyone. You just need to discover the balance between humility and arrogance.

I do commend you, Ryan. You led that girl on one hell of an adventure! Veronica will forever remember the time you spent rolling around in the dirt and fucking in her friend’s pool house on her birthday. Women kill for the adventure. They want danger, risks, excitement, and most importantly they just want to have fun. Show them the way! Make them forget their problems and you’ll become their addiction.

Hmm… Lead them on an adventure? My purpose in life was now to lead women on adventures? Give them the fantasy they never had? Seems like some sort of fucking gigolo without the money side to it.

Something bothers me though… I push myself harder and harder to achieve the results you promised me. I try to be everything that you are. I even try to mimic you, to do everything that Krave would do. I don’t have your level of confidence. I cannot just look a woman in the eyes and tell her I want to fuck her. I cannot randomly approach a woman and kiss her. I most definitely cannot lead sex so quickly. I was a slow start. With Veronica, it was maybe a few months before we actually had sex. But you can obviously escalate it quickly.

Accept yourself. Don’t think of being me, think about being you. Get yourself to the point that you enjoy being you. Whatever it takes. Whether that be leaving your job, dumping your girlfriend, moving out, or whatever it is that you need. You will get there and then everything will make sense. The moment you can let go of wanting or needing this life filled with women, you will achieve your success.


Chapter 48 – Live and Let Learn

Live and Let Learn



My dreams have now manifested in my eyes. The life of fucking lots of beautiful, young women with tight bodies and shaven pussies. I was now beginning to enter my reality of being with a different woman every night; I could feel it while enjoying the hell out of Veronica’s pussy. I was starting to dominate her, and I loved it. I didn’t know why, but the power over her was making me way too excited.

As we arrived back to Veronica’s party, Victor jumped out of the front seat almost running back to the pool house.

I think he’s jeaalllloousss of you Ry!

Me? No way!

Yeah, he doesn’t like you getting the attention! She smiles at me.

Scott looks at the two of us like we are, complete idiots and marches his way up the hill behind Victor. Hell, I felt like a drunken fool, but then again this drunken fool was the one getting the pussy.

Veronica and I fight our way up the long up-hill driveway, my arm was around her shoulder and her arm was around my waist. Both of us took turns wobbling and almost falling while dragging the other to the ground along. God damn it, walking uphill was no fun while you were so fucked up!

As we approached the pool house we happened to make our own trail through the long grass in the backyard, for some reason avoiding the pavement completely.

Well, I hope we don’t step in dog shit. Veronica says while giggling.

Barely able to walk, I suddenly flip over into the grass, pulling Veronica along with me.

Ryaannnnn you are soooo drunk!

I look into her eyes while smiling and pull her face into mine, gripping hold of her bottom lip with my teeth and then sucking on it. It turned into a fucking scene out of a romance movie. The two of us began rolling through the grass and dirt, feeling each other up, me admiring her bare ass as her skirt slid up, rubbing and squeezing it tightly with my hands. Oh God, that ass of hers!

It was perfect in every way. Perfect gripping size, but yet not too big or over-proportionate. I could feel the goose bumps on her soft skin. That ass, was making me so hard as I pushed my dick against her body, squeezing her ass and tightening her body against mine. We rolled more and I began sliding my tongue down her neck to her chest. I push her harder against my cock, her body rubbing the bulge in my jeans.


I was in a state of complete ecstasy. All the alcohol began creating little skips in my memory. Seconds later, I seemed to be on the basketball court, sitting on the cold pavement next to one of Veronica’s art friends from school. She looked like a total art nerd, but also had the appearance of a model you’d see in vintage clothing.



I look at her confused. YES IT IS! MOLLY MOLLY! WAIT… IS IT LAUREN?


Molly, you’re funny! I laugh and as I was laughing didn’t realize I also had a plastic cup in my hand which seemed to contain some sort of mixed drink. Apparently, I wasn’t holding it correctly in my state as the drink was spilling all over this art nerd’s lap.


I look down at her lap noticing the drips down her lean thighs, part of her lower skirt had a wet spot on it. YOU’RE SUCH A FUCKING ASSHOLE DUDE! She jumps and stomps back to the pool house before coming in contact with some guy, turning back to give me a really mean look and pointing at me.

Oh yeah… she definitely wants me. I take a sip of my drink. Wait? I have shit on my back?

I grabbed a cigarette, sticking it between my lips and lighting it, taking a long inhale and then blowing it out. The dude in the doorway comes marching over to me.

Yo bro, leave the woman alone, you’re acting like a total dick.

I look up at him while still sitting on the ground, at this point everyone has seemed to leave me on the basketball court alone.

Wait? Are you Prince Charming? Nice to meet you Charming! I didn’t even know you existed! Have you fucked her yet? Huh have you Mr. Hero Prince Charming? You’re my hero, man!

You’re a fucking prick! Leave her alone asshole or I’m going to come and beat your ass!

Well, my ass is right here, and perhaps you would like to beat it so go ahead. Perhaps it’ll help you get some of her pussy. You know… women love big men, and everything! I smirk.

He grunts at me and marches back to the pool house.  I feel kind of ridiculous sitting here alone. I need to go find Veronica. I walk back into the pool house with the largest smile on my face. Seriously, I didn’t know why the fuck I was smiling so big. I could see the girls on the other side of the kitchen look at me, disgusted as I entered.

TONYA! YOU! I shout to a girl wearing a blue blouse and a black mini skirt.

Are you talking to me? My name isn’t Tonya.

Well, I will call you Tonya now!

Um… I’d prefer you didn’t, my name is Molly.

MOLLY! No… you’re Tonya to me!


The whole all women want to fuck me thing was really getting to my head. Now I was running around calling these women whatever I wanted because I felt like a fucking King. Damn, if only I had this kind of confidence when I was sober!

HELLO?! Why are you staring at me?!

Because I find you fuccckkkkkablllle!

Her face turns to disgust. YOU’RE A FUCKING IDIOT, GET AWAY FROM ME! She walks into the kitchen turning around to smack her ass at me and shouting that childish cliché line, TAKE A FUCKING PICTURE YOU CREEP, IT’LL LAST LONGER!

If only I had a camera. Oh no here comes Mr. Charming again…

Prince Charming locks his eyes on me and marches over to my direction. Guys like him really began to annoy me. They complained and bitched at guys like me who were having fun and way outside the box and then played us off as some sort of devil. When the opportunity struck, and it struck quite frequently, if a woman was upset they would be the first to drop everything and go take care of the problem. It made them look good, and perhaps even got them laid. Sometimes.


Get the fuck outside you dumbass! You are pissing everyone off in here, including ME!

Oh my God! I am pissing off the Prince! I apologize!

I’m TWO fucking seconds away from kicking your ass! He put a distinct emphasize on TWO seconds.

1… 2… You could kiss my ass if you would like but I’d prefer you not get any ideas, I usually only go after the puss… Ahh! Forget it! I’ll go get a smoke, Charming.

I walk out of the pool house grabbing another cigarette out of my shirt pocket and lighting it up, Veronica was outside with a few friends, she spots me and runs over smacking her lips against mine.

Ry! I’m still so fucked up! I feel so good!

Me too baby, I just got kicked out of the pool house, I don’t think your friends like me.

What’d you do?

I did nothing. Hey, do I have shit on my back?

She looks at my back and starts brushing it. No, but you do have a big glob of cake on your back. I wrap my arms around her pulling her closer to me and looking down into her brown eyes.

I have an idea baby.

What is it?

I grab her hand, leading her back into the pool house. The audience of people giving me the eye evil and Mr. Charming ready to pounce on me for re-entering, until he noticed, Veronica’s hand around mine.

YOU BETTER NOT DO ANYTHING TO HER YOU FUCKING TOOL! He shouts as I march Veronica into the spare bedroom, slamming the door shut behind me like I didn’t hear a word he said.

Why is he shouting that at you?

I don’t know… he’s an idiot?

I push Veronica back onto the bed. Her body falls and thumps on the mattress, she looks up at me grinning from ear to ear.

What are you going to do to me, Ry? She playfully asks.

Uh… whatever I want.

I get on my knees removing her shoes and throwing them onto the floor. I kiss the bottom of her cute little feet and the ends of her little wiggling toes. I reach up to her waist gripping the sides of her string and sliding it down her legs. My head moves up her ankles to her leg and her inner thighs as I kiss, lick and nibble my way up to the top. My hand leading the way to her clit, I start gently massaging my fingers against it before lifting the bottom of her skirt up and over her waist revealing her unshaven pussy.

Yum baby. It looks so… welcoming.

She had these 3 star tattoos on her lower right hip. They were fucking hot. For the first time I felt like I was getting a taste of a true, nasty woman. A really fucking hot one!

I’ve waited so long Ryan! She screams. I’ve wanted to fuck you since the day I saw you in that sculpture class. I’ve wanted your cock inside of me ever since! Stick it in me, Ryan!!

I reach my hands up her flat stomach to her breasts gripping onto them. Baby I want them in my mouth. I aggressively grip the bottoms of her shirt and rip it off of her revealing her pink bra that I quickly reach behind her an unhook while sliding down and revealing her beautiful, Belgian nipples.

The moment you experience a new woman for the first time is magical. All the sexual tension and the questions you’ve pondered to answer such as, what does this woman look like naked? are all suddenly revealed right before you. The female body is such a spectacular living work of art. Every inch that you touch, every piece of her that you taste, and every hole you insert that cock into is unfamiliar territory that you so very crave to explore. The first moment she opens those sexy thighs of hers and invites you inside send shivers down your spine. She trusts you, and through her trust she invites you to participate in the most amazing gift she will give a man, her body. It’s all mine now.

Some women are tight and you can feel every bump, every muscle inside of her, her pussy will even grip the shaft and head of your cock begging for it to remain inside. Other women, feel almost hollow inside like your cock is left, in a big black hole. I am exaggerating, of course.

In Veronica’s case she was a gripper. A damn good one too. Every time you slowly pull it out of her, she reaches out and grabs onto it with all of her muscles wanting you to slam it back inside of her. You wrap her legs around you tightly helping you thrust it deeper and deeper into her. Then you flip her over, revealing that large, bare ass of hers. Her cheeks, squeezing together and you ram against her. Your balls smacking the lips of her pussy. You cannot leave a bare ass unharmed. You have to smack it. Every good girl deserves a fucking, spanking, it’s unheard of if you don’t just smack your hand across that ass. In this case I wanted to bruise it, I wanted to leave my mark as a souvenir on her bottom branding her with my handprint.

Mmmm and the first time you see her touch herself for you. She touches and rubs that clit of hers reminding you of how much pleasure you really do give her. She begs for it more and more, giving you her body entirely. This is truly living!

God, how I want to bruise her lip! Maybe even make it bleed a little bit. I move my lips to hers, gripping her bottom lip again. Veronica was becoming my first true victim and she was loving it. I shoved my cock deeper and deeper into her, watching her breast shake and bounce like jello. I grip her body tightly in my hands.

Ahhh! Uhh! AHh! Ah!!! Ryannnnnnnn! Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! Harderrr! Harderrr! Ahhhhh!

Her words encouraged me, I pulled and pushed her body harder and harder as I thrust my cock in and out of her wet pussy, slamming my balls even harder against her. She moaned so loud she had forgotten all of her friends were listening from the kitchen. Hell, I didn’t even care. I wanted her to be louder. I wanted them to all hear as the bed pounded against the wall leaving black marks. That’s right baby, I’m going to show them exactly who the hell I am!

Veroniccaaaaa… God damn that pussy of yours!

Ryannn… let me get on top baby, please!

She crawls away from me on her hands and knees, her ass showing itself off to my rock hard cock, she pushes me on the bed and jumps onto my lap. My legs hang off the short day bed as she squeezes her thighs against my waist gripping onto me tightly. Her breasts dangling down to my eyes, she arches her back and lowers her breasts to my mouth, I move my teeth to her nipple, gently nibbling it. Her hips thrust back and forth, quicker and quicker.

Holy fuck Veronica! You really do know how to ride a guy!

That spectacular ass of hers shook and bounced up and down the shaft of my cock, massaging the head. She could really move that ass like a black woman! Something Jessica would never be capable of doing.

The door to the bedroom opened, I gazed over and noticed all the creeping faces in the kitchen staring back at us, watching Veronica’s ass and their mouths dropping to the floor. I wave over to Mr. Charming who had the most disgusted look on his face as he stood next to the girl he had been chasing all night. Sorry buddy, only winners get to fuck the prom queen. Veronica wouldn’t even stop as I gripped and moved her hips faster against me while laying a nice smack across her cheek.

Oh my God! I am so fucking sorry! Oh lord! The confused woman in the doorway moves her hands to her face, covering her eyes and trying to refrain from laughing her head off. She quickly closes the door.

Uhhhhhhhh! Ryannnnnn! I squeeze those breasts of hers in my large hands. She grinds faster. BABY!!!! Ahhhhhh! I’m going to cummmm… fuck! I could feel her pussy gripping and the warm sensation of her juices exploding all over my cock. She slows.

Ohhhh myyyy gooooood!! I pull her into me kissing her lips, rewarding her for a job well done. Good baby! I say to her.



Chapter 47 – FUCK ME ALREADY!




When I got home from school that day, I was rushing to get my ass in gear for Veronica’s party. I was shaving my face when my phone rang. It was Janet.

Hey, Ry! I got some good news! Anna didn’t get thrown in jail…

Well, that’s good, but how is that even possible, she was arrested?

Anna knew the cop, that’s why she got out and went off with him. Apparently, they used to fuck or something. she laughs. I don’t know who the hell he is but she called me later that night and told me the two of them just went off to his house and fucked. Then, in the morning he drove her home.

Wow. That’s fucking nuts! And unbelievable.

Yeah tell me about it I’m happy she didn’t get thrown in jail though I felt so bad. GOD! I couldn’t even sleep all night.

Well, I am glad you are feeling better now.

Thanks! Oh, hey! Next week we are going to throw a birthday party for our gay friend. Anna and I will be there, and a couple of friends of ours, they are a lot of fun. Want to come? Bring someone with you if you’d like!

Yeah, sure!

Another party, Mr. Popular, damn, I got it going on now!

After showering and spraying myself with cologne I ironed my long-sleeve button up shirt, I left the two top buttons undone, and a pair of my tight grungy jeans. I stared into the mirror.

Damn, you do look fucking good! I can’t even believe it, any girl would feel special to fuck you!

I quickly rushed over to Scott’s house picking him up along the way to downtown Atlanta. The two of us blasting Tool in the car, getting ourselves pumped up for the party. Nothing put me in a more masculine and sexually energetic mood like Tool:

It’s not enough!

I need more!

Nothing seems to satisfy!

I said I don’t want it!

I just need it!

To breathe, to feel, to know I’m alive!

This was my first college party and I felt like the night was mine!

We made our way to the Buckhead area of Atlanta in the rich neighborhoods, where all the celebrities lived.

No way, she fucking lives here, man! I shout.

1525…1527…1531…1551! Bingo!

The place was huge. From the front it was very large white building with 3 columns in the front, a large open porch and a driveway that appeared to go at least a mile to the back of the house.

This can’t be the place, can it? I ask Scott. Read the directions again on your phone.

Yeah, this has to be it. the two of us observe a bunch of kids walking up the long drive-way after parking on the street outside the house.

I saw Veronica running down the driveway in her tight short black skirt and black top, which showed off a great amount of her cleavage.

RYAN! FINALLY! she screams, while running over to me. I introduce her to Scott, who was carrying the large 12 pack of beer we had bought. I was carrying a gift I got for her.

Here! I got you something! I handed her the package.

Aww! That’s so sweet, you didn’t have to! she laughs. I’ve been drinking a lot… canna tell?

I see, you’re wobbling a little bit, are you ok to walk up this driveway?

Yeah, damn, I’ve only done it a million times!

How long is this driveway? This place is huge, Veronica!
Yeah, I know, her Daddy is a rich man! We’re almost there!

As we make our way to the back of the house I notice a small pool house in the backyard with a light turned on inside. I also noticed about a dozen people sitting in, what appeared to be, the kitchen area and a few of them standing outside the pool house by a fucking basketball court. What does a man have to do to get a place like this?

As we neared the pool house I felt a knot in my stomach. I absolutely hate it, when you’re the stranger that enters into a crowded room filled with people, who are sitting and chit-chatting, and then, all the attention is now on you, the unfamiliar guest that everyone is wondering about.

Veronica leads us into the kitchen. Hey, guys, this is my friend, Ryan, from art classes and his friend, Scott! They’ve brought more beer!

I smile. Hey, guys.

HELL, YEAH! the guys shout. Never have enough beer to go around. Veronica signals me over to the fridge, where I can put our case of beer.

One of the guys immediately holds his hand out, Nice to meet you man.

You, too. I say, while putting the beer into the fridge, trying not to pay attention to the large group of people around us.

Ryan, there’s some guys from class in the other room smoking hookah if you want to go see them.

Sure. She leads me to the door, opening it and revealing two guys sitting in the room with a cute little blonde and a hookah sitting on a small table in front of them. Do you want a drink? Veronica asks.

Yeah, definitely! I need one! She smiles and heads off to the kitchen.

Uh… hey, guys. I say as they all look up at me.

The blonde girl smacked the black haired kid that sits on the left side of her. What?! I didn’t say anything! he shouted at her.

The girl remained quiet but the other two guys invited us in, sharing the hookah with us. Veronica came back with a beer in her hand and handed it off to me. The blonde girl got up and walked out of the room and Veronica took a seat next to me.

Ryan, this is Victor and Zach. she says, while pointing them out to me. Nice to meet you, guys. I say in a slightly anxious tone.

You, too, man. Zach replies, while handing me the hookah hose. Victor sat there kind of quiet, on his cellphone.

Don’t mind Victor over here, he’s nothing but a boring man-whore. she says, while cracking up.

Oh… you would know! he shouts back at her.

SHUT UP! she shouts in a playful manner. Ry, you want to go outside and smoke with me?

Sure. I look to Scott, who nods at me.

I grab another beer on the way outside, quickly chugging almost all of it down before Veronica could get a couple cigarettes out of her pack.

Ahhh! I say as I down the rest of the beer.

Need another one? she laughs.


She opens a cooler, which was sitting right outside the door, filled with ice and Bud Light. Go ahead and have one.

I grab two of them.

I’ve already had like 5 or 6 drinks. she giggles and almost tips right over. I grabbed onto her, holding her in place. Thank you, Ry! I feel buzzzzeeeddd!

I can see that. I laugh, while lighting up the cigarette she gave me. So, who is that Zach dude?

Just some friend, I’ve known him since high school. The girls all liked him back in school, so we call him man-whore, he’s been trying to fuck all my friends, too. Some of them he already had.

So, did you like my presentation with the balls today?! she laughs.

Yeah, great job, I couldn’t help but laugh inside as you spoke.

Oh, hush! she says, while slapping me playfully on the arm.

THERE’S THE BIRTHDAY GIRL! a random woman approaching us shouts to Veronica.

OH MY GOD! I didn’t think you were coming. Veronica runs over to the girl giving her a hug.

I put out my cigarette on the ground and enter the pool house making my way back to Scott in the hookah room. He was still sitting in the same spot, Victor and Zach still chatting and not paying much attention to him.

…and then I finger banged the shit out of her, dude! She loved it! Victor shouts to Zach, who was sitting across from him, high-fiving. NO WAY, DUDE! Yeah man, she’s got a nice pussy! Veronica really takes good care of herself. I think, she’s pissed at me now though, saying that I used her and shit, whatever.

No wonder, why she didn’t want to fuck your annoying little wanna-be ass.

I overhear Veronica screaming at me from the kitchen. RYAN, CUMMM HERREEE!

I make my way into the kitchen, where Veronica is surrounded by some of her friends. Guys, this is Ryan, he was in art class with me.

Oh, you’re the guy she always talks about? the blonde girl says. I’m Courtney, her roommate.

Imma Ryan. I respond, feeling myself get dizzy from the beer. Your name is… Rachel? I say to her smiling.


Ok, I will call youuuuu Racchelll! I say to her with a big grin on my face.

Call me what you’d like. she giggles.

Veronica and a few of her friends walk outside leaving me in the kitchen with her roommate.

You know, Rachel…. You’re fucking pretty! I LOVE YOUR FREEECKKLLSS! I say to her.

She giggles more. Thank you! How much have you been drinking? she responds shyly.

Ummm….. I have no clue… 11-12?

Are you serious?

I don’t think sooo…. Wait, I need another…

Here, have mine. she hands me another beer, which was mostly full.

Thanks, Rachel!

Victor comes out of the hookah room, screaming about how it was necessarily that we had beer pong setup, whining like a little baby.

WE DON’T HAVE ANY BALLS, VICTOR! Veronica screams, while busting out laughing.

Go to the store and get some, Victor. Courtney adds.

Alright, but I’m not going alone.

Scott volunteered to go with him and Veronica as well. She grabs my hand. Ryan, we’re going on a trip!

YAY! I shout. Where are you going?!



Veronica hops into the car first, as she leans in to climb into the car, I see her bend over and her black thong presenting itself to me, she climbs over to the far side of the backseat.

I climb in right behind her, sitting on the other side of the seat and look over to her unbuckling her already buckled seat belt. COME HERE! I say to her.

Ok! she smiles and slides over quickly right next to me. I buckle her up and put my hand on her exposed, tanned thigh. I turn to her and pull her face into mine, kissing her sweet lips and shoving my tongue inside her mouth.

STEP ON IT, MAN WHORE! I shout to Victor in the front seat. WE GOT BALLS TO BUY! Veronica starts laughing her ass off as Victor’s face reddening.

I could taste all the vodka and tequila in her mouth, it was like slurping down a fucking Tequila Sunrise, but she tasted damn good and she was even a great kisser. Veronica’s feet were planted side-by-side with mine on the car floor, her black skirt slightly up from the position of my hand, I couldn’t help myself; I started sliding my hand up her thigh, squeezing and gripping it firmly. She spreads her legs slowly, allowing me access.

She kisses me harder, again, pulling me closer and tighter against her. I slide my fingers down her inner thigh to her clit and start rubbing my finger tip against it and sliding her thong out of the way. Her pussy was so smooth, soft and, most importantly, WET.

I hope, they don’t turn around and see us. Veronica whispers into my ear and starts sucking my ear lobe.

Baby… I hope, they do! I reply and she lights up.

The trip itself seemed like it was hours long, though only just a few minutes down the road. I was enjoying Veronica’s body for the first time and it was fucking spectacular. When we got there, Victor put the car into park and shouted, We are fucking here now, guys! He and Scott got out of the car.

RY, I WANNA GO IN!!  she shouts.

Alright, let’s go! I open the door, grabbing her hand and helping her get out of the backseat.

The two of us start wobbling towards the entrance of Walgreens, my arm around her neck; as we near the door, I throw Veronica up against the wall, push my body firmly and tightly against hers and bite down hard on her bottom lip. My hand slides down her back to her skirt, I reach up underneath it squeezing her exposed cheeks in my hands. I slide my lips down her neck, biting and sucking down it to her cleavage, licking it.

JESUS! FUCK ME ALREADY, RYAN! she whispers in my ear.