I could write you a bunch of bullshit about how amazing of an author I am, and all the awards I’ve won, and all that crap you’re used to hearing on an author biography. But let’s be real with ourselves, yeah?

I’m just an unordinary man, living an unordinary life full of weird philosophies and did I mention…women?

Ahh yes…women. Perhaps you’re even a woman yourself…? Did I also mention women are crazy?

Well, here’s the deal…I am writing entertainment for all you crazy, reading junkies out there looking for your next escapist novel to “get your fix”.

Here I am! Serving you weekly doses of my own little, experimental, drug I like to call Krave.

Addicts!! I even encourage you to even join my newsletter on the right (>) along with your fellow Krave Junkies. We will take care of you. Promise!

The truth is, I encourage you…NO I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you be very careful! Krave is a highly dangerous drug that will grab you in small doses and take control of your mind and your body. Do not take this lightly.

You’ve been warned!


Krave can become habit forming both physically and mentally after one small dose.

May Cause (even in small doses):

  • Eye soreness
  • Uncontrollable sexual stimulation
  • Sexual organ fatigue
  • Excessive biting and scratching
  • Racing thoughts
  • Inter-dose Withdrawals including but not limited to:severe depression, rage, craving for stimulation, trembling, feeling of loss, and in severe cases, murder.

If you have noticed any of the above side-effects or find yourself sexually stimulated for over 4 hours. Please notify Dr. Krave immediately.

What do others have to say?

  • "The writer has all the right pieces... His inner critic is one we have all lived with, and his out look on life, sex and the opposite sex are all things we can relate to. Now I just find myself wondering what will happen next..." - Amazon Reader

  • "I think there are probably a lot of guys who feel just like this. Definitely worth it!" - Alicia

  • "The details of the sexual acts make you wish it was you there with Ryan instead of Jessica or Veronica. This series just keeps getting better and better!" - Marilyn

  • "I need to get laid after reading the last two pages. next please . I need someone like him seriously." - Jennifer

  • "I never thought a man's thoughts could be so interesting. It's disgusting and funny and I can't stop reading it." - Nata

  • "Ryan understands well how men think (and we mostly think about 2 related things - women and sex !) and writes for average guys like you and me. Women might also enjoy this series - as it is written very wittily, and might help them understand their men better - and for the knowing laughs they are gonna get at the poor protagonist's expense." - Michael

  • "The first dose was provocative, blunt and addictive. It drug you in and kept you wanting more. The reality of it kept me hooked. Amazingly done." - Amy

  • "This book is a great read! I would recommend it for anyone who likes blunt honesty and sex stories! I highly recommend it!" - Kimberly

  • "So glad I took the time to get inside the mind of Ryan Krave, you are a genius!" - Andrea

  • "Indifference is the difference!" - Krave

  • The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt